St. Joseph Catholic School

Little Lambs through 8th Grade

Faith, Family & Education


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 St. Joseph Catholic School proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ through the lessons it teaches, the people who make up the school community, and the opportunities it provides all families and children of the Treasure Coast. The Gospel message is proclaimed through integration of Faith into the learning process, worship, and actions— both inside and outside the walls of St. Joseph Catholic School.

Catholic identity is developed in all grade levels of the school, from the Little Lambs three-year-old program through grade eight. This is accomplished through daily Faith Formation classes, Mass preparation and participation, participation in social justice projects, encourage service to the Church in the forms of altar serving, as well as serving as lectors and cantors. Direct instruction is delivered four times a week, and the fifth day students attend school Mass. In middle school, the curriculum is as follows: sixth grade–Old Testament; seventh grade–New Testament; and eighth grade–Church history. Middle school students also participate in yearly retreats. All students participate in prayer throughout the day including morning prayer, prayer in the classroom, prayer before and after lunch, and prayer at the end of the day. Students are given the opportunity to not only pray traditional prayers, but also offer their own prayer intentions daily, encouraging community and good will among their Christian peers.

St. Joseph Catholic School students practice their faith throughout their day at every turn. They begin each day with prayer led by the school principal. Students attend weekly Mass each Wednesday morning with parents and members of the parish. They participate in a First Friday prayer service each month, and each class takes a turn praying for vocations, represented by our Vocation Chalice. Each class prepares and participates in a Mass (prayer service for Little Lambs through Kindergarten) inside their classroom led by the pastor or one of the parish priests. The children’s faith lives are inspired by spending time with the Sisters of the Most Holy Soul of Christ who work inside the school and inspire all children, teachers, faculty and parents with their selfless love of God.

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