St. Joseph Catholic School

Little Lambs through 8th Grade

Faith, Family & Education

Other Specials

St. Joseph Catholic School incorporates a mulitude of art media for the students to experience.  Sculpture, metal works, pastels, water color, oils, recycled art, and other innovative materials are used to inspire the creativity in our students.  Student work is posted to for the viewing pleasure of our entire community.

Band and Music
Where to begin!  St. Joseph Catholic School has the premier band program in the tri-county area.  Students begin learning instrumental music in the third grade. From there, they progress into the fourth grade, concert, symphonic, and jazz bands.  Middle school students become members of our symphonic and jazz bands through auditions.  This past year, our symphonic band received 148 out of a possible 150 awarded superior metals and performed level 3 music from the Florida Band Masters Assessment with a superior rating in sight reading.  Our jazz band is requested to play at many community events throughout the school year including the Jensen Beach Pineapple Fest, the Caritas Christi Ball, events for the Knights of Columbus,  and other prestigious events.
Students from Little Lambs through grade 3 participate in a “standard” music class where they are introduced to musical note reading and choral singing.  A faith related Christmas and spring production are held each year.
Students in grades LL-2 attend music class each week and develop both skill and understanding in the basic elements of music via experiences in body percussion, speech, singing, movement, dance, games, puppet drama, and the playing of percussion instruements. Children in grades K-2 are also enjoy practicing weekly Mass songs and learning new songs for the Christmas and Spring Musicals. LL and Pre-K children also learn new songs to perform during their End of the Year concert in May. 

Students are introduced to the Spanish language as early as the Little Lambs program. Spanish is part of the regular schedule for students in the Little Lambs program through Grade 8.  

Physical Education
All students attend physical education classes during the week.  Students are instructed in team sports and participate in activities that work on gross and fine motor skills.  The curriculum is based on national and state Standards.