Principal's Journal

A special message from Mrs McNerney


February 16, 2019

Dear St. Joseph Catholic School Families,

I hope you are enjoying this long weekend with beautiful weather!

We are in full-swing for our re-registration for the 2019-2020 school year.   

***Re-registration for the 2019-2020 School Year—Re-registration information for next school year was sent home via email.  If you did not receive this email, please let us know asap.  This is time-sensitive and will require your immediate attention as we work to ensure adequate staffing and resources are in place for the upcoming school year.  You will also need to set up next year’s FACTS agreement and will be re-directed to do so as you are completing the registration.  If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact me or Mrs. Sprauer.

Registration payment (check) will need to be sent into the office to complete the re-registration process; minimum of half now and the other half in your FACTS account.  Please note the $200 registration discount applies until Feb 28.  If you have not registered and turned in the registration fee by Feb 28, the fee will increase to $600.  

**It is imperative that you re-register this month, as on March 1st we will be accepting new families applications and that could mean a waiting list for you. If you have any concerns regarding re-registering for next school year, please let me know.  

Please let us know if there is a sibling that will be attending next school year.  We will send home a packet for you to register the sibling.  

Parish Acknowledgement Forms–   went home in the Family Folder.   Please remember that all families need to turn in this form in order to receive the active Catholic tuition rate for next school year.  You will receive two forms- one is for St. Joseph parishioners and the other is for members of our feeder parishes.  You will only need to return the one that applies to you.  Please make sure these are turned in to your pastor to sign off on.    These must be completed before the new school year begins.  

Congratulations to our Martin County Science Fair winners!-  

8th  Giselle Crary State Qualifier for 3rd year, Broadcom nominee 

8th  Katlin Eaton 2nd place Engineering, Broadcom nominee, Association of Women Geoscientists Award 

8th  Kayla Gaudino 3rd place Plants 

8th  Preston Geral 3rd place Earth & Environmental Science 

8th  Ben McCulley 1st place Environmental Engineering,  Broadcom nominee 

8th  Amanda McNerney 3rd place Engineering 

8th  Ashley Messer 2nd place Chemistry, American Meteorological Society Award 

8th  Teresa Newnham 1st place Physics, Broadcom nominee 

8th  Holly Park 2nd place Plants, NOAA’s Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award 

8th  Molly Rainis 1st place Biomedical & Health,  Broadcom nominee 

8th  Paige Williams 3rd place Chemistry 

7th  Sarah Schoppe 2nd place Plants 

6th  Danielle Eaton 3rd place Plants 

6th  Nathalie Martin 2nd place Earth & Environmental Science 

6th  Madeline Schoppe 3rd place Chemistry 

6th  Reese Smith 1st place Chemistry, Broadcom nominee 

Morning Carline— please remember to drive slowly and carefully in our parking lot.  If you are planning on walking your child/ren into the Family Center and staying for Morning Prayer you are asked to park in the far lanes (farthest from the school/church buildings) and walk across in our safe walking area.  All others should be using the carline drop off procedure.  ***Please also remember that we begin morning prayer at 7:45am and at 7:45am the doors to the Family Center are shut and locked for prayer to begin.   Therefore, children should be in the Family Center before 7:45am.  We will have staff members assisting in the parking lot as we have noticed some unsafe situations where parents are driving quickly through the parking lot in order to get their child into the Family Center.  While we would like you to arrive on time, we do want you to be safe.  In the event you are running late, please be prepared to sign your child in.  

Staff Update-  Please join me in welcoming Mr. James Bear, our new maintenance supervisor.  

“Choose Life” Middle School Social Justice Project-  help support Mary’s Shelter by donating diapers (newborn/size 1) and/or baby wipes, donating cash/checks(made out to SJCS), and participating in the next NUT Day (Friday, Feb 22—minimum $2.00).  All donations will be accepted until March 1st.  Thank you for your support!

The Lion King, Jr. – Save the Date!!!!  Our upcoming performances will be on March 1 (7pm), March 2 (7pm) and March 3 (2pm).  Bring friends and family—you won’t want to miss this performance!

TerraNova Standardized Testing-  for Grade 2 will be on:  2/25—3/6.     Grades 3-8 will be testing from 2/28—3/6.   The makeup days will be on 3/7 & 3/8.  These are mandatory dates that ALL students in grades 2-8 should be in attendance.  Please note that these are the only dates that we can test as it is a standardized test.  The following week is Spring Break-please avoid planning any early vacations due to our testing.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Lenten Small Groups-  

St. Joseph’s Catholic School Dad’s Small Group will be running for six weeks during Lent.  The first meeting will be on March 12th.  Please join Chris Ladue and other school parents for prayer, scripture discussion and fellowship in the North River Shores area on Tuesdays during Lent from 7 to 8:30 P.M.  Former school dads will be present every week to highlight positive experiences during the years they were school parents.  Sign up at Under groups select men and in the comments section include the name Chris Ladue. 

Signups are open to join the Lenten Prayer Group for St. Joseph’s School Moms. It will be on Mondays following drop off starting Monday, March 4. Join us for a supportive atmosphere where we will connect with our faith and build community with other St. Joe’s moms. Young children are welcome to join us. The link to sign up is Please email Courtney Kalinowski with questions.

Events for the Week of 2/18/19:

Monday, 2/18/19

  • NO SCHOOL- President’s Day


Tuesday, 2/19/19-   

  • Cross Country Varsity only Meet @ YMCA 4pm; No JV practice
  • Flag football –all teams; 3-4:30pm

Wednesday, 2/20/19

  • Mass 8:30am  (4th grade)
  • Cross Country JV practice 3-4:00pm
  • Flag football, all teams practice 3-4:30pm; soccer field
  • Symphonic Band rehearsal (3-5pm)

Thursday, 2/21/19

  • Cross Country Varsity practice 3-4:30pm
  •  Flag football JV boys game @home vs. St. Helen 4:30pm (players may go home and return at 4:15pm)
  •  Varsity flag football boys game@ home vs. St. Helen 5:30pm (players may go home and return at 5:15pm)
  •  Varsity girls flag football practice 3-4:30pm; soccer field
  •  Symphonic Band rehearsal (3-5pm)


Friday, 2/22/19

  • NUT Day-  minimum $2.00 –donations for Mary’s Shelter
  • The Lion King rehearsal; all cast (3-6pm); gym
  • No flag football practice
  • SGA-Middle School Social; 7:00-9:00pm (FC)


Saturday, 2/23/19

  • The Lion King tech rehearsal; (1-6pm); gym


Sunday, 2/24/19

  • 2nd grade Parent Meeting ; 10:30am; FC
  • The Lion King tech rehearsal; (1-4pm); gym


Upcoming Events for the Week of  2/25/19:

Monday, 2/25/19  —

  • Grade 2- begins InView Standardized Testing
  • In-house dismissal  ( parents enter/exit via the front office)
  • Cross County Varsity Only meet @ St. Helen’s 4pm (no JV practice)—Early dismissal @2:30pm-back gate.
  • Flag football practice-all teams 3-4:30pm
  • Praise Band rehearsal ( grades 2-8)   3-4pm (Mr. White’s room)
  • Lion King tech rehearsal (3-6pm; gym)

Tuesday, 2/26/19—-

  • Grade 2-InView Testing
  • Flag football Varsity boys @Stuart YMCA 4pm
  • JV boys flag football –off
  • Varsity girls flag football game @ home vs. Redeemer 4pm
  • Cross County JV meet-home soccer field @ 3:30pm
  • Lion King tech rehearsal (3-6pm; gym)


Wednesday, 2/27/19

  • Mass 8:30am (6A)
  • Grade 2- InView Testing
  • Flag football practice-all teams 3-4:30pm
  • Cross Country JV practice 3-4pm
  • Lion King tech rehearsal (3-6pm; gym)
  • Symphonic Band Rehearsal (3-5pm)

Thursday, 2/28/19

  • Grades 2-8  Terra Nova Standardized Testing
  • Cross Country Varsity practice 3-4:30pm
  • JV boys Flag football game @ home vs. St. Anastasia 4pm
  • Varsity girls Flag football –off
  • Varsity boys flag football game @ home vs. St. Anastasia 5pm
  • Lion King tech rehearsal (3-8pm; gym)


Friday, 3/01/19

  • Grades 2-8  Terra Nova Standardized Testing
  • Noon dismissal—outside carline
  • Prayer Service- 1st grade (11:30am)
  • Last day for Mary’s Shelter donations  (diapers/wipes/cash-check donations)
  • Terra Nova Standardized Testing (grades 3-8)
  • Open Enrollment—accepting new families
  • No flag football practice
  • Optional Varsity Practice Cross Country 3-4:30pm
  • The Lion King, Jr.  7pm Performance (gym); 12pm call for cast


Saturday, 3/02/19

  • Symphonic Band (MPA) Music Performance Assessment @ Sebastian River High School 12pm; bus transportation
  • The Lion King, Jr. 7pm Performance (gym); 5pm call for cast


Sunday, 3/03/19

  • 9am school led Sunday mass (4th grade)
  • The Lion King, Jr.  2pm Performance (gym); 2pm call cast


Please contact me at with any questions.


Mrs. Stacy McNerney



St. Joseph Catholic School, rooted in Gospel values and center on the Eucharist, celebrates the uniqueness of each child by providing a safe nurturing environment, promoting academic excellence, encouraging service to others and cultivating artistic self-expression.