St. Joseph Catholic School

Little Lambs through 8th Grade

Faith, Family & Education

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council exists to look ahead to the future needs of St. Joseph School. Its membership includes parents, parishioners, and members of the community who bring their diverse talents and experiences to help the school administration and pastor make the best decisions for the student body and the community as a whole. While not a governing body, its council is valued and sought by administration so that divergent views might be heard and prudent choices might be made.

School Advisory Council

Father Noel McGrath


Mindy miller


Ashley Vitale

SAC Chair

Mindy Miller


Vice-Chair, Institutional Advancement

Mindy Miller


Dr. Frank Raffone

Planning & Policy-Chair

Mindy Miller

kristi messer

Institutional Advancement - Chair

Tigh Calhoun

Faculties Committee

Joseph Smith

Finance Committee

Mindy Miller

Corey McGuire

Institutional Advancement

H&S President