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Internet Safety


Safety of all St. Joseph’s children is of the utmost concern for us and no less so when they venture onto the Internet…

  • St. Joseph uses internet filters and monitoring software to help students avoid inappropriate websites.
  • We also have an on-going educational program to help students know how to remain safe online and how to avoid behaviors that are dangerous or hurtful.
  • Finally, we have a code of conduct in our student handbook that outlines proper student behavior on the internet and consequences for students who do not use technology appropriately at school.

However, there is only so much that can be monitored at school. Children have much more technology time with personal computers and devices at home or on friends’ devices. This internet access at home can (in some cases) be unrestricted. St. Joseph encourages parents through awareness programs to be aware of internet dangers and best practices.Below are some sites that provide helpful advice to parents who are trying to navigate this brave new technological world: