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Our mission: St. Joseph Catholic School, rooted in Gospel values and centered on the Eucharist, celebrates the uniqueness of each child by providing a safe, nurturing environment, promoting academic excellence, encouraging service to others, and cultivating artistic self-expression. 

We believe: 

Christ must be at the center of everything.

Excellence is the result of hard work.

Every moment matters.

We serve our "dear neighbors" with joy.

All are made in the image and likeness of God.

Excel ~ Encourage ~ Love ~ Seek ~ Serve

  • Student Testimonial

    The small class size, attention to individual needs, and focus on a holistic education – both in rigorous academia and rigorous studies – prepared me well for advanced high school courses, and the social nuances of living as a Christian in a polarizing world. As a current student at Yale
    University, I am keenly aware that the instruction, social atmosphere, and religious upbringing I received at St. Joseph Catholic School crafted me into the student, and man, that I am today.
    - Kyle Ramos, 2018 SJCS Graduate

SJCS by the Numbers

  • Number of Students

    412 students

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