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School Advisory Council (SAC)

St. Joseph Catholic School, rooted in Gospel values and centered on the Eucharist, celebrates the uniqueness of each child by providing a safe, nurturing environment, promoting academic excellence, encouraging service to others, and cultivating artistic self-expression. 

The School Advisory Council (SAC) consists of members of the school and community at large as well as the president of the Home and School Association and pastor and school principal. The Council exists in an advisory role to assist the school in living out it's mission. There are several committees stemming from the SAC:  Facilities, Development, Enrollment, and Finance. These committees meet regularly to provide support to the school. 

Current SAC members include:

1. Kelly Laurine--Chair

2. Father Noel McGrath--Pastor

3. Mindy Miller--Principal

4. Brendan Flannery--Enrollment

5. Mimi O'Leary--Secretary

6. Kim Comer--President of H & S

7. Gerald Alcalde

8. Kristi Messer

9. Tony Buckalew

10. Rebecca Hartman