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Admission Policies

  1. The school has an open admission policy.  No person, on the grounds of race, color, disability or national origin, is excluded or otherwise subjected to discrimination in the receiving of services. 
  2. The school welcomes families of all faith backgrounds.
  3. Students seeking admission to St. Joseph Catholic School in Kindergarten will have an entrance screening and interview with appropriate school personnel. Prior school references may be required. Students seeking enrollment in Grades PK through 8 take a grade appropriate entrance assessment. This evaluation will include language arts/reading skills and mathematics readiness. The assessment instrument provides the school with an indication of a student's potential for success at St. Joseph Catholic School. 
  4. Students with diverse learning needs. 
    • The school has a full-time resource teacher and requires a copy of any IEP or 504 Plan during the admissions process to ensure St. Joseph Catholic School can meet the needs of the student.

    • SJCS creates a service plan with accommodations based on information from a psychological-educational evaluation, a 504 or IEP. ​​​​​​​

    • SJCS may use the services of the county for speech services, but creates has its own service plan for students needing other accommodations. 
  5. Given the mission of St. Joseph Catholic School as an agent of Catholic Christian formation, the school accepts children whose parents demonstrate an understanding of the specifically Christian nature of the school and the desire to participate in that mission. Denial of acceptance for some students may be because the school’s educational program and facilities are unable to meet the needs of the child. In matters of admission and registration, the decisions of the Pastor and Principal are final.
  6. Proof of immunizations is required. 
  7. The following documents are required for admission:
    • Birth certificate
    • Baptismal certificate (if Catholic)
    • Medical and immunization records (680A & DH 3040), showing Hepatitis vaccine series and varicella (chicken pox) vaccine
    • Copy of most recent final report card; students entering 1st grade must show completion from an accredited Kindergarten program
    • Letter(s) of recommendation from prior school
    • Any standardized testing results