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Curriculum Overview

Read well. Write well. Think well. Speak well. 

St. Joseph Catholic School provides rigorous academic instruction in a loving and nurturing environment. The educational experience within the school is age-appropriate and strives to develop each student’s intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and physical well-being.

Students are provided opportunities to develop high level reading comprehension and analysis skills, while learning how to synthesize information cogently into argument and analysis writing pieces. Students are taught to be thoughtful about the world in which they live and how to live a meaningful life that respects the dignity of all. Finally, students in our youngest grades up through middle school speak regularly in front of others, learning how to present oneself confidently and clearly. 

Student Testimonial

The small class size, attention to individual needs, and focus on a wholistic education – both in rigorous academia and rigorous studies – prepared me well for advanced high school courses, and the social nuances of living as a Christian in a polarizing world. As a current student at Yale University, I am keenly aware that the instruction, social atmosphere, and religious upbringing I received at St. Joseph Catholic School crafted me into the student, and man, that I am today.
- Kyle Ramos, 2018 SJCS Graduate